antifrastodox, n.




Firmly believing in the truth of using words in a sense opposite to their proper meaning.


  • antiphrasis, n.

A figure of speech by which words are used in a sense opposite to their proper meaning. < Greek ἀντίϕρασις, to express by the opposite

  • orthodox, adj. 

Right, correct, true; in accordance with what is accepted or authoritatively established as the true view or right practice.

< Greek ὀρθόδοξος ,right in opinion


2028    V.FAITHINHATE Report from the seize of Paris iii. xviii. 159.

Unstoppable they were in searching all devices for improper browsing and thorough in cleansing history. Portals were restored to default settings approved by the Aletheia Excelsior Puritas Convention and direct feeds from her Excellency urged subjects to perform daily tasks of syntactical purity, publicly shaming the underperformers.  Since the seize of Paris and the dispersal of the antifrastodox followers , the Convention has eliminated all unauthorised metaphors and figures of speech, bringing an end to the abominable proliferation of novel words and portmanteaus that have brought so much misery, we ought not to forget. Errorum hominum non est.

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