As the work progresses mixed feelings
of satisfaction and stress emerge. One by one the pieces of the puzzle start
matching and as I move into larger rings there is an element of wonder and a
sense of achievement. Objects of unfamiliar big scale start filling up the
small studio and I find myself surrounded by these remarkable tubular vessels.
They are all individual with their personal form, texture and colour though
they are part of the same story; they need to talk to each other. Their
imperfections should be complimentary, and when the day comes to meet each
other it should feel as they were meant to be together. But it’s a long
way to Ithaka and a million things can go wrong. As they transform from mud to
stone there are temptations and dangers and these clay characters
have such volatile personalities.

Iacta alea est.
Since the journey has started, there is no way back. I should hope the journey
is long and full of adventures and experiences and this kind of wealth is what
I should be hoping for. The wise words of Kavafis will keep me company.